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Today is your daily weather based outfit recommendation.

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Forecast: Overview without nonsense.

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Temperature Graph

Get an Overview about the temperature during the entire day and easily identify when the sun is shining or whether it is raining.
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The right clothing items for today.


No wrong clothing: With a detailed Outfit Recommendation you will be well prepared for the day. Today will suggest you a detailed collection of clothes that match today’s weather. Also it gives you advice matching to the current day. Don’t be the wet cyclist on a rainy day!
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Your perfect day starts now in the lockscreen.


Your perfect day already starts in the morning on your lockscreen: Today sends detailed Push Notifications every day to prepare you for the current day.
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Just take a short look on your Watch.

Apple Watch Integration

The most important informations are now also available on your Apple Watch. Try out the Watch App and Glance!
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